Owners of Acer Aspire laptops can encounter a bothersome issue which is that their keypad suddenly stops working. Different Acer online communities have been harping about this issue including their official forum board .

But instead of visiting these sites for a solution, we are going to walk youthrough five troubleshooting steps that will help you when your Acer keypad isnot working. This way, you can do something about the problem before you decideto throw away your laptop.

Disable Filter Keys

One cause could be the Filter Keys. This feature allows your keyboard to ignore repeated or brief strokes. This feature is helpful for people with involuntarytendencies to repeat keystrokes, but if this does not describe you, you need todisable the feature.

  • Press the Windows key and launch Settings.
  • Select Ease of Access from the options.
  • There, go to the Interaction section and choose Keyboard.
  • Find the UseFilter Keyssection. Then turnthem off.

Update Keypad Driver

If you’re using an outdated keyboard driver,it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your keypad will eventually stop working.Therefore, a straightforward solution is to update them.

  • To startthe updates, press the Windows key and launch Device Manager.
  • There,expand Keyboards.
  • Select adevice. Right-click on it to reveal a menu. There, select Update driver.
  • You canalso do this with Driver Easy . Just download it from its website and set itup.
  • Click Install Now and wait for it to finishthe installation process.Thenlaunch the program.
  • First,allow it to do a Scan. This willmake the program analyze your keyboard. Performing a scan is important to knowif you’re using the right keyboard driver. If you have the wrong one, theprogram will uninstall the keyboard driver. Remember, even if your driver isup-to-date, a wrong keyboard driver can also be the cause of a non-responsivekeypad.
  • Thenclick the Update button. This willautomatically update your keyboard’s drivers for you.

Use Pinhole Reset

The root of a problematic keypad could also besomething in your system. So a way to fix it would be to reset it.

  • Find thepinhole reset button on your Acer laptop. On the S13 Core i7, it comes with apicture of what seems to be a battery from a cradle. For other Acer Aspireunits, you might find it someplace else.
  • Not everymodel is designed with a pinhole reset. So if it’s not there, don’t worry aboutit. But if you see it there, press this button. Then hold it for about 5seconds.
  • Pressingthis button will start an internalbattery reset.

Reboot Laptop

Rebooting the laptop is another easy fix tothe problem.

  • To startthe process, just press and hold your laptop’s power button. Don’t let go untilyour laptop is completely off.
  • Thenunplug its power cable and remove its battery.
  • For aboutfive seconds, leave your laptop as it is. Then plug back in your laptop’s powercable and return its battery.
  • Now turnon your laptop.

Check For Hardware Issues

It’s also possible that hardware issues arethe culprit if your keyboard suddenly stops working. But it’s a problem you canresolve as long as you’re careful.

Just remove your laptop’s cover. Then adjustthe screws in your laptop using a screwdriver. If you don’t think you can dothis well, it’s recommended to let an expert come in.

Inform them of the problem. Tell them theyneed to thoroughly check for hardware issues too.